Saturday, 25 May 2013

A letter to my son on the eve of his second birthday

Dear darling boy,
Two years it has been since you came out into the world and what an adventure it has been! I am writing this sitting on my bed while you are in your cot, supposed to be napping, but instead you are singing softly to yourself. This is very typical of your little character, you move quietly and steadily through a world full of noise and confusion. You stay close to your mama always and you have a gentle, loving nature. This gentle and loving nature is not to be mistaken for weakness, as you also have a firm idea about what you want and never waver once its set in your mind. You are cheeky and hilarious only this morning displaying antics to make your father and I laugh declaring "funny" over and over, because you know when you are and love to make us laugh.

You love Playschool and TV, although I try hard not to let you watch too much of this, you love showers and baths, Narnies (Bananas), Kookabuwas (Kookaburra), Buttflys (Butterflys), Gumboots, the park and swings, Library, shops, dogs, bubbles and walks but the thing you are most obsessed with at the moment is books. You are a little fledgling bookworm and have started to "read" on your own and will even push mummy off the couch in order to get some space to read in peace.

Your kisses are the best even the really sloppy ones with lots of tongue, and hearing you declare "cuddles, cuddles" over and over again throughout the day never gets old, even when those "cuddles" are really just a way to get something you want or to get out of something you don't want to do.

You have started to say full sentences, the latest ones; "It's bootiful day," "go for a walk," "daddy at work," "look at clouds," "lie down" or "read the book" and I adore watching your language grow. Some quotes include; "licious" (delicious), "stinky bottom," when its nappy change time, "yuck," "pwease" the list goes on.  

Your father and I adore you and will do anything to keep you safe and support you to become the man you deserve to be. I know one day the sloppy kisses will end and the demands for cuddles will fade away and the funny way you say things will also stop, so I try my hardest to be present for every single moment. This is hard in the busy life we lead but you are forever in my heart no matter what.  Watching you grow is so very bitter sweet but overall I feel a deep sense of gratitude for being chosen to be you mummy. Out of all the things I have done and the titles that come with them, wife, yogi, daughter, sister and soon to be health coach, Mummy is the most sacred if them all.

So thank you my darling one for coming into our lives, for bringing us endless amounts of joy, for the uncanny ability to make everything that doesn't really matter fade into the background, for teaching me what living in the moment is really about and most importantly showing me what unconditional love, compassion and empathy really feel like.

Love you,

From your one and only,
Mummy xx

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